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Speed Models

Graphene Touch Speed Pro
Not yet rated
This one goes for the wow-factor. Recommended by Novak Djokovic, the Speed Pro
combines many detailed design elements inspired by Novak's favorite animal, the Falcon and
state-of-the-art technologies into a speedy package. The new Graphene Touch technol
Graphene Touch Speed MP
Not yet rated
If you need a versatile racquet that supports your speedy game, then the Speed MP will be
your best friend from now on. Slightly lighter than the PRO Tour racquet, it has an open 16/19
string pattern, which provides more spin, while the new Graphene Tou
Graphene Touch Speed S
Not yet rated
The Speed S combines Head's latest technologies and the iconic falcon-inspired design of
the Speed series into a perfect partner whether you are going for the club championship or a
training session on a weekday afternoon. Based on a completely new fram
Graphene Touch Speed PWR
Not yet rated
The PWR Speed gives serious, mature club players additional speed and power thanks to its
bigger head size and higher beam while still providing swift maneuverability. It also features
the brand new Graphene Touch technology which provides an incredible