Graphene Touch Prestige Pro

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Product description

If the Prestige silo stands for ultimate precision, then the Prestige Pro is its most
aggressive ambassador. The series' Tour version features an open, dynamic 16/19 string
pattern, and the innovative Graphene Touch technology for an incredible touch and a solid
dampened feel. Designed for technical players, the racquet comes with a premium and
sophisticated design with its chrome decals and see-through carbon fibres. Balancing the
requirements of an aggressive play with dependable accuracy, this racquet will make sure
that you never have to play within the lines anymore because, from now on, you will aim for


  • WEIGHT: 315 g / 11.1 oz
  • HEAD SIZE: 615 cm² / 95 in²
  • GRIP SIZE: 1-5
  • BALANCE: 315 mm / 1 in HL
  • LENGTH: Standard, 685 mm / 27 in
  • BEAM: 22 mm
  • TENSION RANGE: 48-57 lbs, optimum 52 lbs


Please select your grip size and tension. The tension range can be found in the specifications above. A racket purchase comes with free stringing labor. Please add your preferred set of string to your cart.

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